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Inspecticon was designed to save you time and make you money! Use the Inspecticon mobile application on your iPhone or iPad and inspect excavators, dozers and more with ease. Enter in the information and take photos in the field and then upload them when you have an internet connection.

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Mobile Access

Home-icon Use Inspecticon anywhere you can take your iPhone or iPad! Inspect heavy machines, take photos of specific areas, items that need to be repaired and easily upload them to the home office with a click of a button. No wires, no cables, just the Inspecticon app!

Web Application

Cloud-icon Use the Inspecticon.com web application to add new inspections or view and edit uploaded inspections. Add your own notes, comments, upload additional photos and use the web application to move an inspection through your office. Assign machines for others to review.

Save Time & Make Money

Inspecticon-icon You will no longer need to carry around your laptop, your digital camera, a clipboard, paper and pens. The Inspecticon application runs on your phone or tablet and you can quickly and cost effectively inspect a machine. The home office can review, edit and get through inspections fast. Get machine details in prospective buyers hands faster.